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Books on Specific Dog Training

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cover of Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen

by Jack & Wendy Volhard

Train your dog to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test (yes, deaf dogs of any breed, including mixes, are allowed to earn this certificate). The authors use a step-by-step approach which each owner can uniquely tailor to each individual dog. The Volhards' gentle approach to training teaches all owners how to establish an ongoing rapport between dog and owner. The book thoroughly explains what makes dogs different and how owners can interpret these differences to ensure that training will be successful. If you follow the training program here, your dog will be ready to earn his CGC, and have a good start on novice obedience.

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cover of Agility Training

Agility Training

by Jane Simmons-Moake

Thinking about trying agility with your dog (there are groups out there that allow deaf dogs to compete)? This book teaches you how to get started, work on your own, attend classes, earn titles, and organize a competition or practice event. It covers each obstacle and the order in which to train for them, how to construct obstacles, and how to compete. This is a very basic book, there are others that get into more detail for serious competitors.

buy from cover of Flyball Racing

Flyball Racing

by Lonnie Olson

Flyball, a ball catching race for dogs, has fast-paced actionand an international interest. Special features of the book include construction plans for all jumps as well as the Flyball box, the F.A.T. (Flyball Aptitude Test), and training methods based on positive reinforcement. (Deaf dogs do well at this too!)

buy from cover of Frisbee Dogs

Frisbee Dogs

by Peter Bloeme

World Champion Frisbee dog trainer Peter Bloeme teaches you the techniques he uses to train performing frisbee dogs. History, detailed training, competition and travel. Easy to use and an excellent book to get you and your dog on your way. (Don't need to hear to catch a frisbee.)

buy from Dogwise cover of Dancing

Dancing With Your Dog: The Book

by Sandra Davis

A new sport for dogs (also known as Canine Freestyle)! A combination of obedience and tricks set to music (and you set the rhythm, so it doesn't matter that the dog can't hear it). Well-illustrated book that is spiral bound so it will lay flat for reference while practicing. There are videos available as well (also from Dogwise). This book is designed as an introduction, but if you and your dog enjoy it, it is possible to get titles.

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cover of Fun Nosework

Fun Nosework for Dogs

by Roy Hunter

Learn dozens of games to relieve boredom, teach important skills, build confidence and improve performance iin obedience, tracking and other dog sports. These games are fun for both you and your dog. They're marked for degree of difficulty and special skills neeeded. Games are generally designed for use in a class and require multiple dogs to be really fun! "Fun Nosework" will teach your dog to enjoy using his nose, and stimulate his primary source of information. Teach specific techniques for tracking and advanced obdience. (Deaf dogs are usually very good with their noses, and teaching them to do more can be a lot of fun.)

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cover of Trick Is In the Training

Trick is in the Training

by Stephanie Taunton & Cheryl Smith

This easy guide combines basic and trick training techniques. Beginning with four basic commands (sit, down, stand, and stay) this book shows dog owners how to train their dog to perform both simple and more complicated tricks. Illustrated with color how-to photos, each of the book's 25 tricks are presented with practical tips to make training easier. Also has ideas to help owners work through problems, and suggestions for putting the animal's training to effective use; for fun, in competitive shows, or for roles in films, etc.

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cover of Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

How To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

by Ted Baer

Liven up your training sessions for that competitive dog, or find something for the family pet to do! Teach your dog to balance a book on his head, climb a ladder and other fun tricks. The author emphasizes the humane approach to increasing communication between master and dog.

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cover of Teach Your Dog to Talk

How to Teach Your Dog to Talk

by Capt. Arthur Haggerty

Not your everyday obedience or dog training guide, designed for dogs who are ready for new challenges, this book presents instructions for 125 easy to teach tricks. There are tricks for urban and suburban dogs; balancing and retrieving tricks; and running, jumping, and scenting tricks. There are helpful tasks, show-off tricks, and even a selection of tricks kids can teach the family dog, plus notes on which breeds excel in specific activities.

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