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Recommended Reading

... there was nothing he enjoyed more ... than a good book. He'd wander into the study, take down some leather-bound volume, and eat it.
 - Terence Brady

This is a list of recommended reading for deaf dog people. You can probably buy (or order) most of them through your local bookstore, but you can also order them on-line through us from either or Dogwise books (use the logo next to the book picture to go to that particular book), or through other vendors listed on our Affiliates page (you can also order books that we don't have listed, dog related or not, by using the same links). Generally (not always though!), amazon will be cheaper, but Dogwise will be faster.

Books on ...

  • Deaf Dogs
    • These books are either advice on training a deaf dog, a story about a deaf dog, or an ASL reference.
  • Dog Behavior
    • These books are not specifically for deaf dogs, but having an understanding of dog communication and behavior is always important.
  • General Training
    • None of these books were written for training deaf dogs, but many of them contain hand signs. All of them contain good tips on dog training, which apply whether your dog can hear or not.
  • Specific Training
    • These books are "how-to's" for many of the dog sports out there that your dog might enjoy (some groups still discriminate, but a lot of the training is just fun, whether you compete or not). Trick training books are also included in this section.
  • Clicker Training
    • Yes! You can clicker train a deaf dog! These books are the recommended reading to go with the Clicker Training page in our training area.

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