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Books on Clicker Training

Yes! You can clicker train a deaf dog! See the Clicker Training page in our training area.

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cover of Don't Shoot the Dog

Don't Shoot The Dog

by Karen Pryor

(This book is also listed with our books on general training.)
In the course of becoming a renowned dolphin trainer, the author learned that positive reinforcement (the only kind usable with dolphins, who can't be reached with leashes, bridles, fists, or yells) is even more potent than prior scientific work had suggested. Karen Pryor clearly explains the underlying principles of behavioral training and, through numerous fascinating examples, reveals how this art can be applied to virtually any common situation. Outlines 8 methods for putting an end to all kinds of undesirable behavior without yelling, threats, force, punishment, guilt trips, or shooting the dog. New revised edition has new chapter, "Clicker Training, A New Technique." This covers the use of clickers in dog training, why it works, and how it has caught on.

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cover of Clicker Training For Dogs

Clicker Training For Dogs

by Karen Pryor

An introduction to clicker training, whether for a puppy or an older dog. Gives the hows and whys of the principles behind clicker training, from the basics to teaching a trick. Also gives tips, answers Frequently Asked Questions, and gives more resources.

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cover of Clicking With Your Dog

Clicking With Your Dog

by Peggy Tillman

Covers both good manner, tricks, and games with easily understood text and lots of clear illustrations (great for a beginner or those with more experience). Includes almost 100 different behaviors, and help for eliminating problem behaviors.

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cover of Quick Clicks

Quick Clicks

by Mandy Book & Cherl S. Smith

The basics are explained well, but then provides step-by-step instructions for teaching fun and useful things besides sit and down (including wait at the door, taking medicine, and being polite at the vet's). There is a section on teaching tricks aimed at getting the kids involved. The last chapter explains all the science behind clicker training (all the technical stuff). There is a list of resources and an index to look up any behavior taught in the book included at the end.

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cover of Clicker Training for Obedience

Clicker Training for Obedience

by Morgan Spector

Meant for someone plannng on training for competitive obedience (and includes lots of specific information for doing that), but gives a solid foundation for the principles behind clicker training. You can start the foundation exercises when your dog is just a puppy, and build a solid foundation for any field of competition that you and your dog should want to try. A very detailed and thorough book.

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Clicker Cookbook

by M. Shirley Chong

A clicker book for basic manners (both in the house and out). This is a 2 book set, one with instructions, and one with a training schedule and log to keep track of how you are doing. Easy to read and understand, even when the concepts can be complicated. Special sections on dealing with behavioral problems.

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Click For Success - The Clicked Retriever

by Lana Mitchell

This book has 2 parts (it's not just a book on retrieving). The first is a basic instruction manual for the novice clicker trainer. The second part is about teaching an Obedience Retrieve (so consider it a bonus if that's not something you think you'll need). The clicker training part is well written and easy to understand (but read it all before you try to start training).

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Click Here For A Well-Trained Dog

by Deb Jones

A basic book to get started with. Covers the explanation of what clicker training is and how it works, as well as getting started and correcting problem behaviors.

buy from Dogwise cover of Clicker Training Manual

Clicker Training Manual

by Gail Fisher

Gail Fisher began as a "traditional" dog trainer. This is a clearly written and easy to understand introduction to clicker training. It includes information on clicker training for both puppies and dogs, problem behavior, and commonly asked questions.

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cover of Clicker Fun

Clicker Fun: Dog Tricks & Games Using Positive Reinforcement

by Deb Jones

Operant conditioning methods explained, and then go on to learn both practical and fun things. Includes lots of tricks, as well as games and lesson plans for a clicker trick training class.

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