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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world ...
 - Margaret Mead

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DDEAF needs you! We can only achieve our goal to make life as good as possible for deaf dogs if we stand together and show the world that it's not just "a few special owners."
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Get the Word Out

DDEAF has a couple of PDF flyers that can be left with vets, shelters, trainers, groomers, pet supply stores, anywhere that people with a deaf dog might be found. Encourage trainers and rescues to be listed with us. Take part in local "doggie" events, such as walk-a-thons and adoption fairs. Plan a Deaf Dogs Picnic (see Picnic Planning for details on doing this). DDEAF members can borrow the "Booth-In-A-Box" (full of good stuff to make you a hit)!
Contact for help getting started.

Make A Donation

We have several funds set up to help deaf dogs in need, one for Medical Expenses, one for Transport Costs, and a General Fund Donation. All are 501(c)(3) (non-profit organization) tax deductible.
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List Your Dog on the Deaf Dogs Atlas

Let the world see how many happy healthy deaf dogs there are, and be available for anyone in your area who might need to talk. Keep your listing current if you are already listed.
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Show off to the world! Wear or carry DDEAF logo Products, and tell the world that you "Share Your Life With a Deaf Dog."
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Fill Out Our Survey

Contribute some real life statistics on real deaf dogs, to counteract the rumor and innuendo that is being spread now. (We have a new one in the works, so check back if you have already completed the current version.)
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Do you shop on-line? Go through our affiliate links, and the merchants will donate a portion of your purchase amount to DDEAF. It won't cost you a thing (you were going to spend the money anyway, right?)
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