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Books on General Dog Training

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cover of How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

by Ian Dunbar

Internationally acclaimed vet, behaviorist and trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar leads new and experienced owners through a positive training program, focused on raising a companion dog. How to prevent problems, solve them, and basic obedience training, in methods that are fun (using treats, lures, and rewards) and easy for the entire family. Although it focuses on puppies, it's never too late to start, no matter the age (or previous training) of the dog. The definitive text for lure/reward training philosophy.

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cover of Dog Friendly Dog Training

Dog Friendly Dog Training

by Andrea Arden

Humane, effective ways to train a dog that doesn't involve harsh corrections and punishments. Dog-Friendly Dog Training offers a myriad of methods to gently teach a dog to respond to commands and to dissuade a dog from unwanted behaviors. Contents: what is Dog-friendly dog training; tools to help you teach; housetraining; improve your dog's social life; basic manners; behavior problems; and an excellent resource section.

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cover of The Dog Whisperer

The Dog Whisperer

by Paul Owens

A compassionate, nonviolent approach to dog training helps us develop our empathy and understanding. Learn body language and vocalizations needed to effectively communicate with your dog; how to train your dog without jerking, hitting, kicking, shocking, or shaking; how easy and fun training can be when you use reward-based dog training; how to use clicker and target training to quickly and easily shape your dog's behavior; how to turn affection, play, toys, praise, and social activity into powerful rewards; how to humanely solve behavioral problems such as jumping, barking, digging, chewing, and mouthing.

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Puppy Training For Kids

by Sarah Whitehead

This book is written especially for kids who would like to train their new puppy. It covers how pups grow and develop before they leave their mom to come to a new home, what things are important in raising a healthy puppy (both physically and emotionally), and how to teach them basic obedience (includes hand signs) and some tricks. It even mentions that some pups can be deaf, and that they still make good pets. Many pictures of children and puppies all through the book.

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cover of Don't Shoot the Dog

Don't Shoot The Dog

by Karen Pryor

In the course of becoming a renowned dolphin trainer, the author learned that positive reinforcement (the only kind usable with dolphins, who can't be reached with leashes, bridles, fists, or yells) is even more potent than prior scientific work had suggested. Karen Pryor clearly explains the underlying principles of behavioral training and, through numerous fascinating examples, reveals how this art can be applied to virtually any common situation. Outlines 8 methods for putting an end to all kinds of undesirable behavior without yelling, threats, force, punishment, guilt trips, or shooting the dog. New revised edition has new chapter, "Clicker Training, A New Technique." This covers the use of clickers in dog training, why it works, and how it has caught on.

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cover of The Power of Positive Dog Training

The Power of Positive Dog Training

by Pat Miller

Pat Miller is a long-time dog trainer with more than 30 years of experience. She has written a basic primer for dog owners on using positive reinforcement training techniques, for both the professional trainer and the enthusiastic pet owner. She first explains in detail her philosophy on why positive reinforcement works better for both dog and trainer. This book was written using verbal commands but most of the training techniques and cues include a hand signal or body language component. Those that don't specifically indicate a gesture or signal could readily do so. Pat's ideas and techniques can easily be used to train a deaf dog and require minimal modification. Signals or cues given by Pat could be replaced by other signals used by an individual trainer. Longer Review (opens a new window, close to come back to this page)

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cover of Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement: Training Dogs in the Real World

by Brenda Aloff

Written by an experienced dog trainer after years of researching alternative training techniques and working with variety of breeds. Operant conditioning is a specific type of learning whereby behaviors are altered or changed primarily by manipulating the consequences that follow them. This book is based on the belief that the best way to teach your dog appropriate behavior is to use positive reinforcement instead of punishment. It clearly explains the hows and whys of R+, and has a step-by-step guide to reliable obedience training.

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cover of Excel-erated Learning

Excel-erated Learning

by Pamela Reid

Explains animal learning in a manner that is easily understood and entertaining. All those complicated sounding scientific training techniques and terms (learning theory) are simplified into plain English. Talks about all forms of learning, negative and postive reinforcement and punishment, when they work best and where they won't.

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cover of 25 Stupid Mistakes Dog Owners Make

25 Stupid Mistakes Dog Owners Make

by Janine Adams

Even the most conscientious dog owners make mistakes, this book identifies the most common reasons why dogs and their human companions don't see eye to eye. Using humor, solid advice, real-life examples, and the latest training techniques from the experts, the author provides practical solutions for everyday problems and includes simple solutions on how to choose the right dog for your lifestyle, manage bad behavior, and ensure your dog's physical and emotional well-being.

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cover of What All Good Dogs Should Know

What All Good Dogs Should Know

by Jack Volhard, et al

This book is a good one for people who have just adopted their first dog or who want to enjoy the companionship of a well-mannered dog. Covers why training your dog is important, how dogs think, and discusses steps needed to housetrain, crate train, and teach a dog to sit, stay, lie down, walk on a leash and come when called. Also covers solutions to undesirable behaviours like barking, chewing and digging. Positive reinforcement training is used throughout the book. Longer Review (opens a new window, close to come back to this page)

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