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Deaf Dog Polls

While we are still compiling the formal survey (and developing new ones), we thought it might be fun to have short polls for people to participate in.

Please vote only once for each deaf dog that you have. If you have more than one, you will have to wait until "tomorrow" for each dog. Only push the "vote" button once (sometimes it seems to take its time to realize that you have clicked).

Adopting Poll

When you adopted your dog, did you know that he or she was deaf?

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Upcoming Polls

The polls below are not yet open to voting, so please come back in a couple of weeks to see which one is available. If you have an idea for a poll, please Contact Us! (We can't promise that we will use it, be we'd love to hear your ideas.)

Closed Polls

The following polls are now closed to voting, but the results are available for viewing.

  • BAER Testing Poll
  • Cause of Deafness Poll
  • From Poll
  • Looking Poll
  • Number Poll
  • Sleeping Poll
  • Waking Poll

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