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I would like, to begin with, to say that though parents, husbands, children, lovers and friends are all very well, they are not dogs.
 - Elizabeth Von Arnim

Boxer drawingThis calendar is a listing of events, dedications and celebrations for all of us to enjoy with our dogs. While most of the events are not specific to deaf dogs, we have included them because a deaf dog could be part of them as easily as any other dog. The events that are primarily for deaf dogs have been highlighted in green to make them easier to find.

If you know of anything we have missed, or if you are setting up a booth at a local event to help educate the public about deaf dogs, see our Contact page so that we know to add it. And if you are ready to plan your own deaf dog picnic or other "get together," see our Picnic page for a few tips and ideas on organizing it. (It's not that hard and it really is a whole lot of fun! See some past picnics by using the links on our Recommended Websites page.)

May, 2024

First WeekNational Pet Week
First SundayMayday For Mutts
First Full WeekBe Kind To Animals Week
Second SaturdayAnimal Disaster Preparedness Day
Third WeekNational Dog Bite Prevention Week
May 29Northeast Deaf Dogs Picnic
1pm, at Sugar Bush Farm, see the Yahoo Group for more information

June, 2024

Second SundayWorld Pet Memorial Day
Fourth FridayTake Your Dog To Work Day

July, 2024

Entire MonthDog House Repairs Month

August, 2024

Third SaturdayHomeless Animals' Day

September, 2024

Second SundayNational Pet Memorial Day
Last Full Week
Deaf Dog Awareness Week
Visit Petfinder, who also promotes this event
Inspired because this week is both
National Dog Week & Deaf Awareness Week

October, 2024

Entire MonthAdopt A Dog Month
Entire MonthAdopt A Shelter Dog Month
Date ChangesAnimal Welfare Week, from the AVMA

November, 2024

First Full WeekNational Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

December, 2024

 No Events This Month

January, 2025

January 14National Dress Up Your Pet Day

February, 2025

Entire MonthNational Prevent A Litter Month, from the HSUS
Entire MonthPet Dental Month
Entire MonthResponsible Pet Owners Month
February 14Pet Theft Awareness Day
February 20Love Your Pet Day
February 23International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Fourth TuesdaySpay Day

March, 2025

March 3What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day

April, 2025

Entire MonthPrevention Of Animal Cruelty Month
Entire MonthNational Pet First Aid Awareness Month
First SaturdayTag Day
Third WeekNational Pet ID Week

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