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Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Print this page and mail with your check to the address below (U.S. Funds).

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund Logo I want to help educate the world about Deaf Dogs!
I am completing and sending the form below with my donation.

Name ________________________________________



City _________________________________________

State/Province _______________ Postal Code __________

Country ______________________________________

[   ] Please send training information (I'm not on the web)

Membership Levels:
[   ] $15 - Basic/International
[   ] $25 - Bronze
[   ] $50 - Silver
[   ] $125 - Gold
[   ] $250 - Platinum
[   ] Other ____________________ All donations (big or small) help us to help Deaf Dogs and we appreciate all your support!

Name and breed of your deaf dog(s), if you have one, and any titles he/she may hold. (Really, tell us about your deaf dog!)

Any talents or skills you would like to volunteer?

Make check payable to DDEAF and mail to:

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
PO Box 2840    Oneco, FL    34264-2840    USA